Google Docs AI update offers impressive productivity-boosting features

Patrick Devaney


The final big announcement we will bring you from Google I/O relates to Google Docs. The ever-popular word processing app is set to receive a very impressive update that will make your work life much easier. Let’s dive in…

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Google highlighted a feature that is available to all Google Workspace subscribers that gives them the ability to automatically generate summaries of their work using Google Docs. This useful tool will form the backbone of a slew of new features that Google will be implementing across the Google Workspace ecosystem over the next few months.

Google Docs AI update offers impressive productivity-boosting features

Google is going to also giving this impressive feature to Google Chat. This means that once you have finished your conversations on chat, the app will provide you with a summary of all the important points that came up. If you perform any business functions over chat, this tool could prove invaluable and save you a lot of time scrolling back and forth between old conversations.

Next up is that Google Meet is going to receive an update that will allow the app to automatically transcribe all conversations that happen during your meetings. This means you’ll have an automatically generated written record of all your meetings. This marks another step in Google Meet’s long journey to catch up with the likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

All three of these updated features show that Google is keen to push Google Docs and the Google Workspace offering as a genuine alternative to the productivity and business ecosystem Microsoft is able to offer. The internet giant does have a lot of catching up to do but there is promise in these latest announcements. Being able to automatically generate a summary of your work is quite the unique selling point and may start to turn the heads of office managers and company directors. This could be an interesting tech battleground that is only just starting to heat up.

If you like the sound of Google Doc’s new productivity features and are looking for ways to improve your own workflow and boost productivity, check out our guide to the best apps to increase work productivity in 2022.

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