Google Docs adds new stylistic writing suggestions

Russell Kidson


Google Docs has long been one of the leaders in textual processing, in some instances even beating out the old-reliable corporate staple Microsoft Word. But the Google textual ecosystem is getting even more advanced with the recent addition of stylistic writing suggestions, which will now appear as a purple underline. 

This latest move takes Google Docs even further down the path to text-based processor domination, as it adds in even more features usually only seen in paid versions of software such as Grammarly. Essentially Google Docs will now be able to correct not only your spelling and grammar but also the finer points of how you intend to carry your message across to other people. 

Google Docs adds new stylistic writing suggestions

Here are the new stylistic and writing suggestions that will be underlined in purple:

  • Alternative wording
  • Instead, using active voice
  • More concise sentence structure
  • More inclusive language suggestions
  • Alerts of potentially inappropriate language

The above additions mean that Google Docs is going to start intensifying its machine learning protocols in an attempt to try and refine your writing and make it less prone to offend even the more sensitive individuals in modern society. The new, more artificially intelligent Google Docs might even have its sights on editing giants like Grammarly or Hemingway in an attempt to garner favor as a completely full-service, free writing assistant and text-based processor. 

There’s a lot more going on over at Google these days than more inclusive and assistive AI. Chrome version 100 dropped on stable channels recently and features a new, more adaptive logo. Want to know more?

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