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4 super useful templates in Google Docs

Miranda Lucas


There are so many things you can do using Google Docs. Sure, the program can’t make you breakfast or walk your dog (yet). However, Docs offers users so many helpful services. One of the best tools is the variety of handy templates, all free to use. You can see all the templates here, but we’ll take a look at four of the most popular and useful templates.

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4 super useful templates in Google Docs

1. Resume

The job market is competitive. For many people, just getting a foot in the door can be overwhelming, with so many candidates vying for positions. A solid resume is the first step toward landing the job you want.

Today, most companies use automated resume-sorting software. This means if your resume is strangely formatted, doesn’t have the right keywords, or contains any mistakes, it will probably get tossed aside before it ever gets on a hiring manager’s desk. Having an impeccable resume is an absolute must. Thankfully, Google Docs gives you an array of fresh, modern templates to help you build one that stands out in the right ways.

2. Newsletter

If you’re tasked with creating a company newsletter or putting one together for a class project, Google Docs is here for you. Save yourself plenty of stress by using the handy newsletter templates. Choose from several snazzy styles, and add your content to the customizable fields. Your work will look sharp and professional, all with minimal effort on your part.

3. Legal documents

Ah, legal documents. Nobody likes them, but everybody needs them. If you own a business, run a website, or do almost anything else out in the world, you might find yourself in need of a legal document. Google makes this unappealing task a little more palatable by giving you pre-made templates for commonly used legal documents. Options include terms of use, software licensing agreements, and privacy policies.

4. Reports

If you’re a student, you’re likely going to have to write a report at some point. Depending on what you study, you may even have to write many, many reports. While you’ll have to do the writing and researching part on your own, Google Docs has the tools to make it all look good when you’re done. Choose the appropriate template, and it’s that much easier to impress your instructor with a polished report.

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